Margarethe Tiesel and Franz Solar, Die Corona-Tagebücher
Literaturhaus Graz

7.10., 18:00

Literaturhaus Graz
Elisabethstraße 30, 8010 Graz  ♿

In German

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(The Corona Diaries)

Based on the cancelled program of events that had been planned at the Literaturhaus Graz from mid-March to the end of June 2020, we invited a number of Austrian authors to keep a diary on the effects of the coronavirus and the measures taken against it on everyday life and the state of society. 

The texts were regularly published on our homepage until the summer. Participants: Helena Adler, Bettina Balàka, Birgit Birnbacher, Melitta Breznik, Ann Cotten, Nava Ebrahimi, Valerie Fritsch, Monika Helfer, Lisz Hirn, Lucia Leidenfrost, Christian Mähr, Robert Pfaller, Benjamin Quaderer, Julya Rabinowich, Angelika Reitzer, Kathrin Röggla, Thomas Stangl, Michael Stavarič, and Daniel Wisser. 

We are now taking the opportunity to look back over this dynamic web of posts: What actually went on over the last six months? Which observations were made? How did authors react, not only to the circumstances but also to each other’s posts? Does literature help us to deal with crises? And if so, how?

With Margarethe Tiesel and Franz Solar
Text selection and host: Daniela Strigl


Franz Solar (1962, Graz) studied at the Schauspielschule Krauss drama school in Vienna and has since had numerous engagements in Austria and Germany, including film and television work with colleagues including Harald Sicheritz and Niki List. A member of the Graz Schauspielhaus ensemble since 1995.

Daniela Strigl (1964, Vienna) studied in Vienna and works as a literary scholar and literary critic for numerous media, along with active jury work. Recent publications: Alles muss man selber machen. Biographie Kritik Essay (= Grazer Vorlesungen zur Kunst des Schreibens, vol. 1) (Droschl, 2018).

Margarethe Tiesel (1959, Vienna) studied acting at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. Theater engagements in Germany and Austria. Has acted since the 1980s in film and television productions, including Ulrich Seidl’s Paradies: Liebe and Das ewige Leben, based on a novel by Wolf Haas. She has appeared regularly at the Schauspielhaus Graz since 1994.