Plötzlich und für immer. Kulturvermittlung im Festivalkontext
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1.10., 9:00–16:00

Zoom video conference

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→  Office of Open Questions

(Suddenly and forever. Cultural mediation in the festival context)

Mediation seems to have arrived in the field of art and culture. Usually the question is how to address a broader public and reach new visitors and target groups. Mediation is tasked with building a first communicative bridge in order to stimulate exchange and discussion of the contents to be conveyed. Especially in the context of festivals with their temporal and spatial limits, mediation is confronted with special questions and challenges. First and foremost, this concerns the conditions under which serious participation, sustainability and accessibility beyond cheap publicity stunts are possible.

As the central institution of steirischer herbst for cultural mediation, the Office of Open Questions already includes its concept in its name: we are interested in approaching topics based on open questions. Thus the starting point and idea of this conference is to discuss these questions and conditions in a discursive setting with experts from the German-speaking world and in exchange with cultural mediators from other festivals and art and cultural institutions, thus also creating opportunities for networking.

With Mark Terkessidis, Siglinde Lang, Ulli Mayer, and trafo.K