Silvia Federici
Commons und Utopie
Forum Stadtpark

9.10., 19:00–20:30

Opening, video talk plus discussion and live online

In English

Forum Stadtpark
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→  Utopie. Konferenz für praktische Kritik

We are surrounded by wars as well as economic and ecological crises. How can we, then, talk about the commons? It is precisely due to this feeling of living at the edge of a volcano that it becomes all the more important to see that, in the midst of all this destruction, another world is emerging, one that—like grass pushing through the cracks in the asphalt on the sidewalks—challenges the hegemony of capital and state and strengthens our mutual ties and our capacity for cooperation. This is the real meaning of the innumerable struggles being waged against the expansion of capitalist relations and in defense of the existing commons, being wages to reweave the fabric between communities and create entirely different worlds.


Silvia Federici (1942, Parma, Italy) is Professor Emerita of political philosophy and international politics at Hofstra University in upstate New York and is considered one of the most influential feminist theorists and activists of our time. Her main work, Caliban and the Witch, is available in its sixth edition from Mandelbaum Verlag.