Liv Schulman in conversation with Ekaterina Degot
Artist talk

14.10., 18:00

Live online

In English

As in the past two years, we would like to take a closer look at and discuss individual artworks with you while trying out different perspectives. Although we can’t offer tours to artworks at various locations in Graz this year, we do invite you to join us for lively conversations at the large shared table via Zoom.

Liv Schulman's miniseries for Paranoia TV tells about the making of a homemade horror movie. Its protagonists are a group of neighbors who, out of sheer enthusiasm for homebrewing and Tupperware, retreat to the basement of their building, where they bring a monster to life.


Liv Schulman (1985, Paris, France) is a filmmaker, performance artist and writer who grew up in Buenos Aires. She creates characters and collectives who utter logorrheic speeches drawing upon a vast variety of sources, trying to recreate the affects and phantasms that rule today’s neoliberal economy. She lives in Paris.