Neïl Beloufa and Louis Beaudemont in conversation with David Riff and Ekaterina Degot

Artist talk

2.10., 18:00

Live online

In English

Screen-Talk.com 1.9 is a biting satire on medical (pseudo-)science in the neoliberal information age. Its form between film and online game reacts to the closed museums and proliferating online projects of the last months. 

On the occasion of the premiere of his work on Paranoia TV Neïl Beloufa and Neïl Beloufa and Louis Beaudemont talk to Ekaterina Degot and David Riff about new modes of productions and forms of distribution for art for a postpandemic age.


Neïl Beloufa (1985, Paris, France) is an artist whose practice spans film, sculpture, and installation. His work assembles and combines existing cultural phenomena and technologies into whimsically authoritarian scenarios that blur fiction and reality. With the recent changes in the cultural field, Beloufa and his production company Bad Manner’s are pioneering new forms of production and distribution of online content.

Louis Beaudemont (1989, Paris, France) worked on virtual-reality documentary projects before starting at Bad Manner’s. There, he manages, with the artist Neïl Beloufa, the production and promotion of new types of online artworks and experiences and participates in the creation of a new web-map of cultural contents.