Janez Janša in conversation, moderated by Dominik Müller
Artist talk
Paranoia TV Headquarters

25.9., 17:00

Paranoia TV Headquarters
Herrengasse 26, 8010 Graz  ♿

In English

Free admission
​​Limited attendance. Please register via e-mail to tickets [​at​] steirischerherbst.at.

Two sportscasters bring a phantom game to life with their descriptions alone: the Euro Final 2020. Talking shop and philosophizing, they set the stage for ingenious plays as well as reflections on current world political events.

On the occasion of the premiere of his new performance, Janez Janša talks about football, art, and politics. The discussion is moderated by Dominik Müller.


Janez Janša (1964, Rijeka, former Yugoslavia) is a theater director, filmmaker, performance artist, editor, and one of three contemporary artists who, in 2007, changed their name to that of the center-right politician and current prime minister of Slovenia. His work mixes spectacular, critical, and subversive elements, alternating between theater, choreography, and literature, to address the status of performance in neoliberal societies. He lives in Ljubljana.