Im Fokus_Ahmet Öğüt
Kristina Six in conversation with Erika Thümmel
Discussion online

17.10., 17:00

In German and/or English

Participation free of charge, limited number of participants

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As in the past two years, we would like to take a closer look at and discuss individual artworks with you while trying out different perspectives. Although we can’t offer tours to artworks at various locations in Graz this year, we do invite you to join us for lively conversations at the large shared table via Zoom.

Ahmet Öğüt’s new documentary film-essay for Paranoia TV takes its viewers on a journey through the more recent history of art. It tells about how long before the global pandemic ever broke out, artists were making artworks at home and addressing their domestic surroundings. Kitchens and sleeping areas become politically loaded terrain.


Kristina Six (1988, Wolfsberg, Austria) is a teacher for Arts and Textile Design at Modellschule Graz. She studied at the University of Art and Design in Linz and has since deepened her skills with engagements in the field of stage and costume design. She lives in Graz.

Erika Thümmel (1959, Graz) is a feminist artist, restorer, and teacher in the FH Johanneum’s MA program for exhibition design. She has designed furniture objects as so-called living subjects and house beings, realized numerous cultural exhibitions (for instance, Moderne in dunkler Zeit), and operates a restorer’s workshop. She lives in Graz.