Dani Gal in conversation with David Riff
Artist talk

4.10., 18:00

Live online

In English

Dani Gal’s new film for Paranoia TV reconstructs three famous episodes from the history of avant-garde music. Shot in hauntingly empty concert halls during the lockdown, they tell a story of today’s Israeli soldiers who refuse to remain silent about their role in the occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

On the occasion of the premiere of his film on Paranoia TV, Dani Gal talks to David Riff about witnesses, violence, and the contradictory legacy of modernism in view of today’s situation in society and politics.


Dani Gal (1975, Jerusalem, Israel) is a visual artist and filmmaker. His work investigates the production of memory and collective history. His films and sound installations reconstruct and reconfigure preexisting documentary materials, blending them with fiction, and address current political events. He lives in Berlin.