Paranoia TV News
Episode 4

Airing from the Paranoia TV Headquarters and the streets of Graz, Paranoia TV News brings you the latest information and impressions from this year’s steirischer herbst festival. A series of interviews with special guests alongside coverage of real-life events and performances shed light behind the scenes and allow you to tune in to the world of Paranoia TV

Image credits
Blind Date Collaboration, anulla und monochrom, U.G.A.I., hört die Signale!, 2020, performance, image: Courtesy of Ulli Koch (Episode 2); Lulu Obermayer, L'Opra Fatale—an Intervention, 2020, performance, photo: Courtesy of Agustín Farías (Episode 3); Thomas Geiger, Money Talks, 2020, performance, photo: Courtesy of the artist (Episode 4); Paranoia TV Headquarters, photo: Clara Wildberger (Episode 5); Alexander Chernyshkov, Keep in Mind, 2020, performance, photo: Courtesy of the artist; Diederik Peeters, The Dr. Delusion Show, 2020, video, photo: Reinout Hiel; Diederik Peeters, Red Herring, performance, photo: Sarah & Charles and Diederik Peeters (Episode 6); Thomas Geiger, Money Talks, 2020, performance, photo: Courtesy of the artist; Lawrence Abu Hamdan, A Convention of Tiny Movements—EUROSPAR Sackstraße, 2020, installation, EUROSPAR at Kastner & Öhler, Graz, photo: Mathias Völzke (Episode 7); Joanna Piotrowska, Untitled, 2020, newspaper, photo: Courtesy of the artist (Episode 8); Thomas Geiger, Money Talks, 2020, performance, photo: Courtesy of the artist (Episode 9); Anna Witt, Skin Front, 2020, Video, film still: Courtesy of the artist; Judy Radul, The Graz Mirror, 2020, artist edition, photo: Johanna Arco; Roee Rosen, Lucy Is Sick, 2020, coloring book, photo: Courtesy of the artist (Episode 10); Akinbode Akinbiyi, Photo Booth, 2020, installation, Am Eisernen Tor, Graz, photo: Mathias Völzke; Vadim Fishkin, Dictionary of Imaginary Places, 2020, installation, Burgring, Graz, photo: Mathias Völzke (Episode 11); Gelatin, grazelatin city map 2020, 2020, map (detail), Paranoia TV Headquarters, Graz, photo: Courtesy of the artists (Episode 12); Theater im Bahnhof, Die Genehmigung, 2020, Video, Photo: Courtesy of AVbaby / Theater im Bahnhof (Episode 13)